How it works

Step 1: Analyse
We examine your current payroll and attendance processes, and the software you use. We also take into account your pay methods: full-time, part-time, zero hour contracts, overtime, bonuses......
Step 2: Design
We agree with you a bespoke plan, integrating securely with your payroll, attendance and HR software. The percentage of daily earnings to be made available to the employees is agreed with the employer.
Step 3: Educate
We then train your key stakeholders and provide digital and physical marketing materials so you get the maximum benefit.
Step 4: Launch
Your employees sign-up and we launch!

Overview of what happens

The systems are integrated and tested to ensure full compliance to ISO20007, GDPR and ICO requirements.
Minimum manual interaction once set-up.
The salary is made available daily to the employees once they have earned it, up to the agreed percentage. They take as little or as much as they want, when they want it. Financial freedom and control in their lives.
At the payroll cut-off date, the employee can no longer draw down funds.
MyWagez is integrated with the payroll and the information of salary taken to date is loaded into the system.
Payroll is run as normal and MyWagez is paid. The employee sees the deduction from their payslip for salary received in the month.
The portal enables you to on-board new users and manage all your employee settings. It also provides statistical data on usage.