A holistic approach to employee financial wellbeing

We are a socially responsible financial wellness company offering salary advances, financial planning, credit union loans and savings to employees. Our approach is underpinned by financial inclusion, education and behavioural change, allowing staff at all levels to take control of their finances. 


Change is hard. We offer practical support for employees of all levels. One size does not fit all. We deliver personalised content and tools that are relevant to everyone from apprentices to MD’s.


Everyone deserves to be in control of their finances. We give employees instant access to a portion of their salary so they do not have to wait for payday or resort to payday loans. 
Employees who would not qualify for a bank loan can get access to a credit union loan with built in savings and on average 90% of applicants are approved. We reduce the charges employees are paying for pensions and investments.



The sense of Financial Insecurity is on the rise. Our service gives employees access to financial products at low prices alongside advice and education so that they can reach their financial goals.

Salary advance

A free employee benefit that allows your staff to access their salary in real-time. Each day they work means an extra days pay that they can have into their bank account.

Ethical and cost effective, it's the employee benefit that employees want and need.

  • Access your salary in real time.


  • Simple to use.

  • Avoid missed payments, fees and high interest payday loans.

  • Fair fixed fee​

  • Secure and discreet with no credit checking.

  • Hassle free and fast. 

Credit union loans and savings*

Less well off people pay more for credit. We think that it is not only unfair, it is wrong.

90% of employees will qualify for a credit union loan

Eligibility based on affordability rather than credit history

Borrow up to 20% of annual salary

Automatic payroll deductions

Save as you borrow

We connect employees with Credit Unions using length of service and affordability (instead of Credit Score) allowing them to borrow up to 20% of their salary.

We help them to save regularly as they repay their loan.

Once the loan is repaid, their savings become available.


A savings account with a Credit Union with the savings taken directly from payroll that drives behavioural change.

Financial advice for all

Provide your Employees with financial advice as part of your Employee Benefit scheme. Financial Wellness is increasingly being recognised as a crucial element of overall employee wellbeing. The scheme can be implemented using a salary sacrifice scheme, creating savings for both your Employees and your business.